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Said Ereg

Published by: Said Ereg on 12-Jun-20
Leverage Everything!

The key to success in almost anything is leverage.  The definition of leverage is the ability to control a large amount of an underlying variable with a small initial investment.  In other words, leverage refers to any situation where you're getting a tremendous bang for your buck.  Given limited time and resources, we are all well-advised to find areas where we can leverage our efforts for greater returns.  There are a number of ways we can apply this theory in business and this article will discuss a few of them.

Speaking in front of groups offers tremendous leverage for the speaker.  You prepare your comments once.  You deliver your comments once.  But multiple people hear your comments at the same time.  It's like sharing your comments with all those people but only having to communicate the actual words once.  And best of all, nobody interrupts you while you're delivering your thoughts.  You get to deliver everything you prepare without being challenged on anything.

Writing a book is another great example.  While the effort of writing a book is a big one and while the time investment may be significant, the leverage thereafter is hard to beat.  You wrote the book once.  And now, it can be read time and again by unknown people all across the globe.  Indeed, these strangers are witnessing your intellect at its very best, all without any additional effort by you.  Every book sold augments that leverage further.

In fact, any form of written literature can have a similar effect.  You could create a short consumer report or a tips sheet.  You could create an information sheet.  Such resources are all created once but then available to multiple people once completed.  And as long as the resource demonstrates your expertise, the resulting leverage will benefit your business.

Your website is an obvious extension of this same objective.  Creating a website with massive amounts of valuable information is an extremely high-leverage activity – IF you get traffic to it.  And that's really the most important part.  In all of these examples, we're identifying something you can do once and then have it generate results with multiple people.  But the trick is to maximize the audience.

In marketing, almost everything boils down to two steps: exposure and conversion.  The quality of your content will determine the conversion but that is actually the easier of the two.  Exposure is always the hard part.  Finding your audience is the hard part.  Getting more people to buy your book or visit your website is the hard part.  If you discover a strategy for gaining exposure, it's a license to print money.

Leverage is available any time you can prepare something once and deliver it to multiple people.  And the leverage is greater when the number of people is increased.  So the primary requirement of leverage is exposure and that's precisely what Tactical Execution can help you with.  Getting your expertise out there is our specialty and you can find a lot of free resources to help you get started on the website.  Then, for more advanced projects, give us a call and we can help you push it to the next level.


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Said Ereg